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I have had a long, albeit unusual, career in art. I studied biology in college and zoology in graduate school. After burning out, I moved and fell in with the artsy crowd, where thoughts of lobster farming were thrown to the wind. I bought a $25 used sewing machine and started creating fiber art. In 1979 I sold my first flying pig and the rest is history. Today my fabric sculpture pieces, which are usually animal, vegetable, or even human (sort of), have become much more complex than plain white flying pigs and have been sold in galleries from Maine to Texas.

A few years ago I decided to try something different - children's book illustration. I had written a story about my daughter, who was an avid collector of just about anything, so I put together a book dummy and started sending it out to publishers. It was eventually picked up by Abrams, and my career headed in another direction. I now have ten books published. I still do fiber art when deadlines permit...

And I’ve also started oil painting, because I just didn’t have enough distractions! You can find some examples in my website gallery.


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