I Love You More Than Moldy Ham

Written and illustrated by

Carey F. Armstrong-Ellis

When a young monster sets

out to create a gourmet dinner

for someone special, he

squelches through marsh and

muck to find just the right

ingredients, from beetle knees

to plump slugs to chicken teeth! But who is the dinner for? A surprise awaits his special loved one and readers alike!

From the critics

“...A furry, bulbous monster is preparing a feast—how better to show you care?—and the ingredient list offers gross-out gags aplenty as it parodies soppy, feel-good picture books...Armstrong-Ellis (Ten Creepy Monsters) fills the pages with slime and sludge, and careful readers will even spy monster-themed parodies of works from da Vinci, Cassatt, George Rodrigue, and other artists...”  - Publisher’s Weekly

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