Artsy/literary links

These are links to sites relating to my books or my art:

First of all, my Facebook page

Abrams  Books for Young Readers - my publisher!

Abacus Gallery of American Crafts - a lovely gallery located in Portland, ME

The Mill at Salmon Falls -  where my studio is located

Jacketflap, an online community of children’s book authors, illustrators, publishers, agents, etc.!

Etsy. the handmade paradise. Everything here is hand sewn, felted, welded, jeweled, woodworked, painted, etc, etc! The crafter’s heaven!

Ok, I am slightly biased, but check out the fantastic new site of my elder darling daughter!!!

Again, slightly biased. Here is the website of my younger darling daughter, who is a make-up artist in New York City!!!

Deborah Lee Rose - the other half of the Twelve Days of this and that team!

My friend Susan Carlson, machine quilter extraordinaire!

One of my other amazing quilting friends, Wen Redmond:

And another: fabric designer/quilter Susan Rose:

Here is a list of sites belonging to some of my friends who are children’s book illustrators and/or authors:

studiojjk - the website of children’s book author/illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka. I don’t know him, but he has a wicked cool website, plus he wrote a book about a kid whose best friend is a big red slug. How can you lose? By the way, he is also the author of the super-popular Lunch Lady books...

Ok, I don’t know Kevin Hawks either. But I wish I did! I’ve loved his work for ages. And he is from Maine too, so why not include his groovy website here??

Costume Society of America  - I gave a presentation about Prudy’s Problem and collecting at the annual convention of this group of fascinating people. Talk about collectors - they collect everything from gloves to sewing machines! Check them out:



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